EXPLORE "Emotional Terminal S" by DATA-X
21 Jul

EXPLORE "Emotional Terminal S" by DATA-X

Aristotle in his Rhetoric stated that society could not be happy unless women were happy too. It's hard to sequence seamless playlists that have replay value unless they are themed flawlessly and constructed from the heart. Tempo is a function of vibe, it's not vibe itself. Tempo is like our heartbeat, reacting to the changes in the environment around us. 

"Emotional Terminal S" is something that began in December 2017 and finally was able to come to a close today July 2019 with an energy unmatched. For many, making playlists is arbitrary but for those that grew up making flawless CDs for their friends and lovers, drawing out every track, concentrating it's efforts on maximum impact on the heart and soul, modern streaming services are a powerful tool. 

The theoretical acoustic space that informs "Emotional Terminal" the *PLAYLIST series is Arrive Safe, With a Calm Sense of Mind. For the "S" rendition, the theming is clearly aimed at creating a jazzy, bouncy, modern vibe that's dominated by an urge to satisfy. With incredible music from Shagabond, The Internet, HOODBOI, a booming Remix to Bollywood Classic "Kehta Hai Pal Pal" and Trinidad James' most vicious attack on World Culture yet, the dancefloor destroying "Vogue" with Full Crate, there's enough jiggy here to keep you dancing all the way into September.

If you want to have any fun without taking your clothes off this summer and want to make a girl happy, this is your kind of playlist. Art Direction, Sequencing & Photography by Mudasser Ali. Available exclusively on @Spotify until August 1st when it releases on All Platforms with a Bonus Unreleased Track. Listen Below.



  • Daniel J. Machowsky
    July 22, 2019

    I have yet to listen to this playlist. Reading thru and understanding the direction this playlist takes, definitely triggering my mental to download, repost and like it. I believe that Data is onto something. The BIG picture. I am looking forward to showing my gf this. I am going to attempt to listen to this without removing a single piece of clothing off of her. LOL. For us Men. That can be tasking as hell! I think as Men…. it is important to embrace the SIDES of sexes…. stating this as a male…. especially the side of Feminism.

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