EP Review: Lyfe Harris - "Since We're Here"
05 Jul

EP Review: Lyfe Harris - "Since We're Here"

by Zakriya Mohammed (University College London)

Lyfe Harris released his anticipated 2020 project in the form of a 7 track EP titled “Since We’re Here”. The musical project is 19 minutes of absolutely pure, orthodox, trap soul R&B as the soft and chilled vibes of each track make for some great late-night listening. Lyfe’s chilled music has been making waves currently, especially amongst fans of ‘underground rap and R&B’, who have fell in love with raw talent from his earlier works. Social circles of ‘underground music’ have taken to his music so well that Harris has given himself the title “underground legend”, which is a further testament to his loyal underground fanbase & a very accurate sense of self.

However, Lyfe Harris is now capturing the attention of some of Hip-Hop and R&B’s mainstream radar, as the known and respected publication RESPECT MAG have caught on to the rappers abilities and asserted that “Lyfe Harris’ reverence in contemporary conversations of trap-soul authenticates through his music”. A bold statement, but one that definitely rings true, and firmly places him on the map with other similar trap soul acts like Bryson Tiller & DVSN. The new EP “Since We’re Here” echoes the relaxed genre precisely and cleanly, with each song surrounding and tuning the listener into some very cosy, mellow and chill vibes, making it the complete project to complement relaxed listening.

Each song on the EP is relatively short, as all of the tracks are under 3 minutes in length. This may seem like a downer at a first glance, but rather, it serves as a gateway for the artist to tell his lyrical story in bitesize pieces, allowing the listener to get short and distinct snapshots into the rappers life. From the first track on the EP, “Top Floor”, which can serve as a sultry, sensual beat exploring romantic feelings of love to some of the penultimate tracks like “No Romance” and “Salty” which are detailing the less blissful moments of his relationships, which allows him to explore a wide range of raw and emotional-filled lyrics. The range of lyricism in the 7 songs on the EP makes it a prime contender for one you should listen to all at once, allowing you to fully experience the lyrics that the artist has to put on offer. Listen as Lyfe Harris takes you through his romantic trials and tribulations, documenting a cocktail of good and bad spirits, which will be an all too relatable experience for many listeners.

In an interview with RESPECT MAG, talking about the creative style that he tends to implement in his music, and of course this EP, he states:

“My sound is airy, R&B with dark undertones and textures. I like anything with a melody I can convey and be more creative that way”.

The EP, “Since We’re Here” is no different, as the artist sticks to his specified style as he is able to blend a dark, slightly raspy undertone to successive clean chilled beats, which makes the tracks perfect for comfortable, relaxed listening – a great addition to any slow R&B playlist you may have.


No good musical project is complete without silky visuals to back it up, and the EP does not pull up short in this respect. Lyfe Harris’ soft, mellow, vibe-filled lyrics are met with a similar mood conveyed visually within his music videos. This, therefore makes them the perfect addition to his musically genius EP. A particular fan favourite is the music video to “Doll House”, which was released in May 2020 and produced by ‘A Wooze World’ and a Japan-based production company ‘DEX Filmz’. It is fair to say that everyone who worked on the music video, including the production companies have created a visual that is able to complement the track very well. The music video is heavily inspired by Japanese elements, most probably due to the Japanese producers on the video, and although perhaps unconventional, the production works are seamless and are very much aesthetically pleasing. The video makes use of the late night street life, the beaming Osaka city lights and glowing Japanese shopfronts to further cement the track as a perfect late-night chilled rhythm. All the different elements of the music video from the use of subtitling to shots of nightly urban life give it extra texture, which indeed mirrors and matches the several layers of texture that Lyfe Harris is able to put into his music, specifically on “Since We’re Here”.

*    *    *    

Needless to say, “Since We’re Here” shows off the best that Lyfe Harris has to offer, and for all intents and purposes it is a well-produced, lyrically-engaging musical project which will have any fan of R&B or Hip-Hop wanting more from the young artist. It seems the 7 tracks off the EP are just a taste of what Harris is capable of, and the sheer talent and musical brilliance he has. Rest assured, however, Lyfe Harris has not left us completely empty-handed as he posted on Instagram last week that there will be “new music next week”, so keep your eyes peeled for that. If the new music dropping is anything like what we have heard on the brilliant “Since We’re Here”, we will be in for a treat. Not only is Lyfe Harris a talented artist in his own right, but his songwriting ability is also very much noteworthy, and we will watch out for that.

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