GHOSTLUVME is a Budding Musical Phenom from Florida
05 Oct

GHOSTLUVME is a Budding Musical Phenom from Florida

Clayton Lisy, also known as GHOSTLUVME, lost his mother and two sisters at a young age. As music was always his foundational creative outlet, it became for him a cathartic vessel of healing and reflection. He first fell in love with the sounds of music when he picked up a guitar at the age of ten. Born in Philadelphia and raised in Broward County, Florida, part of Lisy's diverse taste in music can be attributed to having lived on both the East Coast and West Coast throughout his youth.

His latest album VIVA embodies that ethos. Mixed and mastered by Grammy Award winning super producer Zaytoven, Ghost is ambitious about his approach:

“Some of the sounds on this project are not hip hop, which made it a very different yet exciting project to make.  It is a beautiful time for this kind of multi-genre music to come out, as we are showing people there is no linear way of doing anything." 

Poignant wordplay and unpredictable timbres being hallmarks, he's released projects that defy the norms of traditional rap and pop— a rare melodic mutation that can only be classified as its own genre.

Constantly evolving and remastering his style, the rapper has built a different kind of sound - one that feels otherworldly in a sense, but still adheres to the laws of modern-day rhymes and melodies. Naming James Brown as a supreme figure of inspiration, Lisy taught himself how to play additional musical instruments including the piano, drums and bass. His latest project is fusing a genre-bending sound of hip hop, rap and pop. VIVA is explosive with a wave of new anthems that tread through the thick smoke of intimacy.

VIVA follows Ghostluvme's REVEREND album and features hit "Stokholm Syndrome". Laced with bright piano licks, it calls into question the true validity of romantic relationships by putting them up to the test during a scenario where the world is coming to an end. 

"I started writing this song just as the pandemic hit," recounts Ghostluvme. "With everything that was starting to unfold, it made me question many things, one of them being the time we spend on relationships that may or may not feed our souls."

Another standout from VIVA is "Soda", a bright number that is as refreshing as it is bubbly. It also shows a possible sweet spot sonically where Lisy feeels very at home. Listen to the full album below & stream it on all platforms worldwide. Follow GHOSTLUVME on Instagram to keep up with his colourful lifestyle. 


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