King Kaiser's "Relax Alil" is a Catchy Hit
16 Oct

King Kaiser's "Relax Alil" is a Catchy Hit

Houston’s King Kaiser is a YouTube star who has gained popularity on Youtube garnering over 2.1 Million Subscribers. His single “Relax ALIL” is getting major burn right now with 290,000 views and counting. The ShotByDemarcus-directed video is a clear indicator of his potential as an artist: the bop on it is ridiculous along with an ultra-clean lux image. Almost everyone I play this around tells me it's a hit. Take that for it's worth. Someone with this level of polish on his brand usually ends up getting scooped by a major swiftly. We will wait to see if that's the case here. Follow King Kaiser on Instagram & stay tuned for more from him.


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