Rose Of England's Messiah Complex Might be Justified
06 Oct

Rose Of England's Messiah Complex Might be Justified

by Zakriya Mohammed (University College London) 

Electronic music and a Bradford born and raised British-Pakistani girl may not have much in common at a first glance, but Haleema Khan, stylised as Rose of England is able to shatter stereotypes, being one of a slender few female British-Pakistani DJs shaking the electronic music industry up from what it is used to. She is a well esteemed journalist, writing for some of the biggest publications in the music world, but her creative talents are far from just limited to the literary sphere, as she also packs a punch in her musical projects, delivering consistently well-produced electronic tracks. 


The iconic ‘Blade Runner’ single of 2019 firmly placed Rose of England on the electronic map, as the hot track garnered a great deal of success with the added production of two remixes. As a follow up to this breakout single, Rose of England has kindly whipped up two more hot projects for us to listen to and relish. One of these head-bopping tracks is ‘Bradford’, a clear ode to the artists upbringing in the West Yorkshire city which she hails from. Rose of England does not shy away from bringing elements of the British electronic sound into her creative endeavours, however whilst these are indeed present on the track ‘Bradford’ she is still able to cleverly craft her own distinct brand of electronic music. ‘Bradford’ is a well-crafted track as it is able to be both a song for a club-setting as well as individual listening, the hoppy nature and the addictive beat mesh together for a great listening experience, whether it be through a DJs deck in a club or your personal speaker. 


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The good music does not end there as Rose of England’s 2020 release ‘Messiah Complex’, is clearly musically different to ‘Bradford’, but just highlights the varied palette of talent the British-Pakistani artist has with regards to her electronic sound. ‘Messiah Complex’ has more of a naturistic feel to it, and the trailer visuals have been a testament to this, with the vibey audio complimenting a wide array of natural views. The softer tone and beats on the start of the track provide a more relaxed beat, but as the tempo and speed moves on the track it slowly becomes an explosion of sound. This makes it a piece of music that an audiophile would appreciate purely from just closely listening to the creative and musical ingenuity on display. 




Women are already underrepresented in this category of music, with female DJs being less present than men in big clubs, throw in a British-Pakistani woman into that equation and you really have something that sticks out like a sore thumb. This is precisely why Rose of England and her musical ability really shines, as her unusual upbringing and heritage fused together with complete and raw talent to craft a track that gets you addicted is a force to be reckoned with in the electronic music industry. Just from looking at ‘Bradford’ and ‘Messiah Complex’ we have two examples of well-produced, slick beats ready to hit any nightclub in any city and we can only imagine what startling creations are next from the multi-talented musician.

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