EXPLORE Skyline Jeddah 1984: Corniche Patrol
15 Jul

EXPLORE Skyline Jeddah 1984: Corniche Patrol

Simon Chase was a wealthy British Industrialist who died in the September of 1993 in a private jet crash above the Hindu Kush mountain range in Pakistan. His life remains a mystery from before his time as a meandering imperialist to international playboy. Famous for his love of world travel and jet-setting lifestyle he spearheaded the early rise of tobacco, whiskey and jazz on cross-continental flights. His last known associates were Anwar Sadat, Quincy Jones & Madonna escorting the world's wealthiest in Cathay Pacific, Lufthansa and especially Saudia. His last wish was to paint a picture that would remain in the hearts of those who loved him, to make them feel what he felt. Many felt he never got to finish that portrait and that hurt me. I needed to do something. 

I began the journey of theming this vibe in late 2017 and completing it in July 2019 with the addition of Chase' favourite vocalist of all time, Sade and the vocalist he unfortunately didn't get to hear, Norah Jones. The rest of the playlist is immaculate late 80s early 90s Middle-Eastern Jazz vibes, especially during the summer. The art direction is inspired by that mental picture, arguably the most beautiful picture of Jeddah's most iconic artsy public getaway: The Corniche.

The raw funk of the mix was first showcased at the AM/PM Art Pop-Up in Hamilton, Ontario on Locke Street in late 2017. Appreciated by all that attended, legendary Hamilton designer Stuart MacPherson was specifically impressed by that vibe and proceeded in outpurchasing noted millionaires buying up as many Drew Carrymore pieces as he could.

After public approval and years of vetting, the "Skyline Jeddah 1984" is ready. Somewhere in heaven, my hope is that Simon Chase is staring through the glass of his Single Malt, smiling down on us less jiggier avatars with an approving smile. I think of him everytime it comes on. Listen Below.

Special Thanks to Drew Carrymore and the Saudi Minstry of Tourism for the Photography.


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