DATA-X & ROSE OF ENGLAND drop "TR-2020 (Gold Edition)" Playlist
02 Aug

DATA-X & ROSE OF ENGLAND drop "TR-2020 (Gold Edition)" Playlist

by Zakriya Mohammed — (University College London) "this is an auditory experience that could transport you through many favelas better than any plane could right now" In contemporary times, personal playlists have become ways of neatly categorising your music, from organising by genre or mood. By doing this we have unknowingly creatively sectioned ourselves off, creating playlists that essentially regurgitate the same type of music over and over again, and while this seems harmless, we are musically doing ourselves a disservice. TR-2020 (Gold Edition) is an absolutely jumpy yet jazzy playlist curated by DJs DATA-X & Rose of England.    Released via TR-909 Radio, this...
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