EXPLORE "NEAKO" a new Spotify Playlist by DATA-X
06 Aug

EXPLORE "NEAKO" a new Spotify Playlist by DATA-X

Newark, NJ native NEAKO remains a gem of an artist maneuvering through several generations of stylish rap eras. He finds himself in 2019 as refreshing as ever with placements in NETFLIX Special "Kid Cannabis" and thundering tracks with Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J that have stood the test of time only to sound just as refreshing and relevant as they were in the early 2010s. Sequenced by LVL Co-Founder and longterm collaborator DATA-X, the playlist is exceptionally smooth but powerful, a signature of that era's obsession with orchestral sounds, a space NEAKO excelled at tapping.  The playlist features Wiz Khalifa,...
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