Underground Discovery: Canadian Crooner RAMØ is Smooth Yet Versatile
25 Oct

Underground Discovery: Canadian Crooner RAMØ is Smooth Yet Versatile

Canada has never let us down when it comes to churning out new talent of all flavours. Here is what we recently discovered: RAMØ's project Blue Moon is an overload of Trap R&B tightly compiled into a melodic, smooth but hard-hitting package. The standout tape consists of some nice tunes that highlight Ramo's ability to effortlessly make very good music in different vibes.

Our personal favorites include songs like "LIE 2 U", "QUESTIONS" and "TAGZ" bring his sensitive side out exploring higher notes on euphoric trap infused R&B beats. Tracks like "SMARTER THAN THAT", "AGAIN", "LUCID" show his darker trap side that brings out a slight resemblance with PND but with RAMØ's own style fully intact.

As the tape unravels you realize the Hamilton-native doesn't just have the ability to make some cadence filled music but also has the potential to make songs like "Ballerina" the most obvious choice for the dancers. This well-rounded tape showcases an intriguing skillset, certainly enough to make very marketable radio-worthy hits. RAMØ might be one to keep tabs on as he's clearly on the rise in Ontario.

Listen to the tape below and let us know your thoughts on it. As for keeping up with RAMØ, follow him on instagram for more updates on his musical journey. 


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